Connect to the Axartel FTTH router

To connect to Internet with the Axartel FTTH router, you have two options; by cable Ethernet and by WiFi

Fiber to the home guarantees real connection speeds. Connect all your devices simultaneously without losing quality in your connexion.



-By cable connection

To connect to the internet via an Ethernet cable connection, all you need to do is connect an Ethernet cable to one of the 4 free ports on the back of the router marked “LAN”.



-WiFi connection

To connect to the Wifi network, you will need to locate the sticker on the bottom of the router for the connection details.


  • Default WLAN SSID Name: This is the WiFi name.

  • Default WLAN Security(WPA): This is the default WiFi password.


With WiFi connection you don't use all the Mb of your router FTTH. Click here to know how optimize your connection by WiFi.


-FTTH Router Connections

  1. TV service connection; this should be connected form the router to your TV or to the main distribution of your Property.
  2. Landline telephone service; your telephone should be always connected to the hole marked “PHONE1” unless instructed by the support department.
  3. FTTH connection; this is the main fiber optic cable that should be connected form the router to the special Wall socket installed by Axartel.
  4. Power button; you can use this button to power down and power up your fiber router.
  5. Power connection; the router power adapter should be connected here.