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I already have an active Amazon Prime account, how do I correctly redeem the Amazon promotional code?

If you have signed up for a rate that includes a 12-month Amazon Prime promotional code, you can continue to use your existing Amazon Prime account.

In order for you to use the promotional code on your current account, make sure you have a valid payment method. You must have a regular Prime account (monthly or yearly), Prime student accounts do not apply to this promotion, so if your account does not meet these requirements you will need to create a new account in order to apply the promotional code.

Enter the code at the following link https://www.amazon.es/prime/promo/landing and identify yourself by logging in with your current Amazon account.

The 12-month promo code will be activated once your current subscription expires. If your current subscription expires on March 31 and you successfully register the promo code months before, it will be activated on April 1.