My SIM is already active but I don't have internet, how can I set it up?

To configure the internet on your mobile you must configure the APN. In AVATEL Mobile the APN configuration is automatic but if you are going to travel abroad you must configure it.

If your device has an Android operating system:

  1. Access the main menu - Select Settings.
  2. Depending on the version of the phone, you may find one of these options. Select the appropriate one:

    More Networks.
    More Settings.
    Wireless Connections.
  3. Access Mobile Networks.
  4. Depending on the phone version, check that the following options are enabled:

    Mobile Data.
    Data connection.
  5. Select APN or Access Point Name.
  6. New APN. If the + symbol does not appear, press the menu button.
  7. Fill in the following fields:

    Name: Avatel
    Username: (not necessary)
    Password: (not required): (not required)
  8. Click again on the menu button and select Save.
  9. Check that the APN you have just created (Avatel) is selected from the list of APNs
If your device has an iOS operating system:
  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Mobile Data
  3. Select Mobile Data Network
  4. In the Mobile Data section, complete the following fields:

    Username: (not required)
    Password: (not required): (not required)

  5. If you have already configured a previous APN, you only have to delete the completed fields and fill them in with the data provided in the previous point.