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5 things you didn't know about your mobile phone


As well as writing WhatsApp messages, making calls and checking Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see what your friends are posting, your mobile phone can be used for so much more. What's more, we're used to using our phones in a very limited way, but we can use them to perform a multitude of useful actions in our day-to-day lives.

Today, we're here to tell you about some smartphone tricks you probably didn't know about.






  • Hacer fotos y vídeos mientras estás grabando

    As we all know, today's mobiles are more than capable of capturing images and videos of superlative quality, but... did you know that you can take a photo at the same time as recording a video?

    You can do this with either an Android phone or an iPhone. In the case of an Android phone, while recording, you have to press the camera icon that is just to the right of the main button. If, on the other hand, if you have an Apple phone, you must press the camera shutter, a white button next to the main video recording button.

  • Leer tus textos por ti

    Tired of spending too much time staring at your mobile screen? You can use your phone to read the messages you receive, just like a radio.

    The trick doesn't just apply to SMS text messages: you can also use it with WhatsApp.

    If you have an Apple phone, say to Siri: "Siri, read me the latest WhatsApp messages". It will do it automatically. It will also tell you who it's from and what time you got it. But the funniest thing is how it interprets emoticons... Give it a try!

    On the other hand, if you have an Android phone and you want the Google Assistant to read your messages aloud, you just have to execute the voice command: "Ok Google, read my WhatsApp messages". If there are any unread messages, the Assistant will read out their content and tell you who sent you the message.


  • Evitar que entren y usen tus aplicaciones


    If you're lending your phone to a friend or family member but don't want them to open certain apps or read your WhatsApp conversations, set up your device to block the "guest" from logging in without a PIN.

    You can use an option on iPhone called "Guided Access" (under "Settings" then "Accessibility") and tap the side button of the app you want to configure. If it's Android, you can find it under "Security & Location".

    You can also use apps like AppLock which also restricts access to Google Play so that no one can download apps without your permission. HexLock is another option that allows you to create several profiles and is specially designed for if you leave your phone with your children.


  • Medir o nivelar objetos

    If you want to position a picture or level a shelf perfectly, you can also use your mobile phone.

    In iOS there is an option hidden inside the "Measure" app called "Level", inside the phone's compass, which you can use to level any type of object.

    To use it, place it over the item you want to level and move the phone until the screen turns green. If it is not completely level, it will tell you how much of an unevenness there is.

    If your mobile phone is an Android, don't worry, you can also do it and it's very simple. Just enter the word "Level" in the google search engine, type the word "Level" and the bubble level tool will immediately appear without you having to do anything else.

  • Detectar metales


    If you have lost a gold ring or earrings and are unable to find them, your own mobile phone can become a very useful tool.

    In the case of Android, there is an application that allows this option and it is called "Metal Detector". It's free and uses your phone's magnetic sensor (the same way you can have a compass on your phone and it works perfectly).

    In the Apple App Store there is also an option for iPhone with the same name.

    It's very simple to use: just open the app, move your phone around the area where you're looking for the metal object and wait for the alarm to sound if you're lucky.


And so much for today's blog to help you get the most out of technology. And you, did you know that you could do all these things with your mobile phone in such a simple way? Someday we will surprise you with more tricks and secrets we don't know about our mobiles.

Be sure to share with your family and friends and help them to stay informed. See you soon!