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Benamocarra joins the Wifi Internet network in Axarquia with the arrival of Axartel Fiber Optics. This town is now joining with many other towns in the region that already have internet in the Axarquia for very little per month, such as Torre del Mar, Periana, Almayate, Torrox, Nerja, Frigiliana, etc. 

The fiber optic in Benamocarra is available in three different speeds; 50Mb, 300Mb and 600Mb. This technology is characterised by many advantages over other technologies. Fiber optic allows a higher speed connection, as well as providing greater quality and stability. The bandwidth it offers is also an important element, as it allows you to connect a greater number of devices (computers, smart TVs, tablets, smartphones, etc.) without a drop in speed.

Choose between three Internet tariffs in Benamocarra:

Optical Fiber 50Mb* Axartel for a price of 19,90€/month, VAT included. Installation cost 60,50€ (VAT included).
Optical Fiber 300Mb* Axartel for a price of 24,20€/month, VAT included. Free installation. 
Optical Fiber 600Mb* Axartel for only 29,90€/month, VAT included. Free installation.
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*Terms and conditions of the tariffs

All our offers are subject to the geographical availability of the service. You can consult all the conditions in your shop or by calling 951 238 600.

Information about registration, installation and 12 months permanence.

  • Fiber 50 Mb

    The 50Mb fiber requires a 12-month commitment, as well as the payment of a one-off registration and installation fee of 60.50€ (VAT included). This tariff cannot be combined with other services.

  • Fiber 300 Mb y 600 Mb

    You can choose between not paying the installation fee (60.50€) or eliminating the 12-month commitment to the 300Mb or 600Mb fiber service. Below, we tell you the features of each option:

    1. Registration and installation will be free of charge (the usual cost being 60.50€), with a 12-month commitment.
    2. If, on the other hand, you want to eliminate the 12-month permanence, you will need to pay the registration and installation fee of 60.50€.

    Sign-up and installation will also be free when combining 300Mb or 600Mb fiber with TV, landline and/or mobile, subject to a 12-month permanence.

Internet coverage Benamocarra

On the map to the right you can see the main rural or urban areas where we offer coverage, as well as the type of network we deploy (you can see this by selecting each marker on the map).

Know more about Benamocarra

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