Get the best fiber optic Internet in Rincón de la Victoria with Axartel

Axartel's fiber optic arrives to Rincón de la Victoria! This town is part of the extensive group of towns in the Axarquia region that already have Axartel's fiber optic, such as Nerja, Torrox or Torre del Mar among many others.

With the arrival of Axartel's fiber, all residents will have the possibility of access to high speed Internet connections, either in the town centre or in areas unattractive to large operators, such as Finca Garcés. The fiber optics in Rincón de la Victoria will be available in the entire municipality, including areas where this service has never been offered before.

Rincón de la Victoria will enjoy fiber optic Internet with three available speeds, which will provide all its neighbours the possibility of enjoying one of the most advanced Internet connections on the market, thanks to FTTH fibre optic. In addition, this technology is recognised for its stability and security, as it increases the perceived signal and reduces the loss of signal in the connection. It is worth highlighting the wide bandwidth, which will allow the user to connect a greater number of devices (mobiles, computers, tablets, etc.) with fewer drops and decreases in the speed received.

You will be able to choose between three Internet tariffs in Rincón de la Victoria:

  • Optical Fiber 50Mb* Axartel for a price of 19,95€/month, VAT included. Free installation.
  • Optical Fiber 300Mb* Axartel for only 24,20€/month, VAT included. Free installation. 
  • Optical Fiber 600Mb* Axartel for only 29,90€/month, VAT included. Free installation. 
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*Ver condiciones de las tarifas

Todas nuestras ofertas están sujetas a la disponibilidad geográfica del servicio. Podrás consultar todas las condiciones en tu tienda o llamando al 951 238 600.

Información sobre alta, instalación y permanencia de 12 meses.

  • Fibra 50 Mb

    La fibra 50Mb requiere un compromiso de permanencia de 12 meses, así como el abono de una cuota única de alta e instalación de 60,50€ (IVA incluido). Esta tarifa no es combinable con otros servicios.

  • Fibra 300 Mb y 600 Mb

    Podrás elegir entre no pagar la cuota de instalación (60,50€) o eliminar el compromiso de 12 meses de permanencia en el servicio de fibra de 300Mb o 600Mb. A continuación, te contamos las características de cada opción:

    1. El alta e instalación será gratis (siendo el coste habitual de 60,50€), contando con un compromiso de permanencia de 12 meses.
    2. Si por el contrario, se quiere eliminar la permanencia de 12 meses, será necesario el pago del coste del alta e instalación de 60,50€.

    El alta e instalación también será gratuita cuando se combine la fibra 300Mb o 600Mb con TV, fijo y/o móvil, sujeta a una permanencia de 12 meses.

Internet coverage in Rincón de la Victoria 

On the map to the right you can see the main rural or urban areas where we offer coverage, as well as the type of network we deploy (you can see this by selecting each marker on the map).

Villages with Internet access in Rincón de la Victoria 

  • Rincón de la Victoria
  • Cala del Moral
  • Torre de Benagalbón 
  • Finca Garcés
  • Cotomar - Urbanizaciones
  • Playa del Rincón 
  • Lo Cea - Los Cortijos
  • Añoreta baja
  • Añoreta Golf - Paraíso del Sol

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