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About Axartel

Committed to you

Axartel is a small telecommunications operator that was born in Malaga in 2005 to provide Internet services, landline telephone and television through its own WiMAX and fiber optic infrastructure.

We are committed to offering high quality services at the best price, even in unattractive areas for large operators. We are convinced that when a company treats a client with simplicity, honesty and transparency, they will do the same with the company. We want to show that it is possible to be profitable and integral at the same time.



Create the ideal pack for you and pay only for what you need. We offer you flexibility to save money. Create your own product by choosing the services that suit you.


Clear prices and without surprises. We want you to stay with us, that's why we offer you a good service at a reasonable price. The more services you hire, the better price we can offer you.


Unlike other operators, here you can contract the internet without a telephone line. But if you need a phone, do not worry, we do not charge you for line rental or maintenance.


We have our own fiber optic and WiMAX network. We do not depend on third parties. Our fiber to your home (FTTH) guarantees the real speed of your connection.


We are your local operator and for us the most important thing is you. We want you to be happy with our service and that is why we put special care in offering you a humane treatment with the best team of professionals.


Activate your connection only when you need it. We have ideal rates for holiday periods and second homes. Ask us!



In Axartel we do not make up the prices when offering you a service. We do not put a reduced price in large print and the rest of costs in small print. Does the punch line 'line fee not included' sound familiar?

In Axartel we are what you see, transparent, without costumes or small print. Also, you can rest easy, here we do not charge for things that should be included in the price:

  • No line fee
  • Without maintenance fee
  • Without equipment rental
Tip: Do not just look at the promotional prices. Before contracting, find out the final quota with all the costs included.


In Axartel we do not offer a low price for 3 months and the rest of the year we charge it at the gold price. We do not give away the TV with channels that you can watch on free to air. Neither a second mobile line without minutes or data, and even less we raised the cost by surprise.

We prefer to convince you with a good service at a reasonable price. With honesty and clear prices from the beginning. No promotional tricks.

Tip: Calculate the annual price of your service. Take into account the period of permanence to which the promotion obliges you.


At Axartel we prefer to convince a customer with a good service than to buy it with a gift. No company gives anything away that they do not try to charge later.

We do not give away any service that is then invoiced by magic. We also do not 'subsidize' terminals in installments. And less saying that they are free.

At axartel we strive to be more efficient with our resources, and be able to offer you the best rates.

Tip: Find out the value of the gift they offer you and see how it reflects in your quota.


At Axartel we do not offer closed plans with services you do not need. No exclusive packages with rare names that do not make it clear what they include.

In Axartel we offer internet, landline, mobile and television. Combine them as you want. As simple as that. You also have the freedom to propose anything, if it is possible then we will do it.

And if you need it, we offer you free advice by phone or at any of our shops.

Tip: If you hire a pack with several services, check the terms and conditions separately for each of them.


In Axartel we do not speak to you in perfect Spanish to contract and then in Chinese when you are a client. Although if you need it, we also give support in other languages.

Our customer service center is in Spain, they work only for Axartel and they are key employees of the company.

Customer service requests are handled quickly. We are people and we make mistakes, but we try to solve the problem and not entangle the client.

Tip: In convergent offers, it requires official prices.


In Axartel we do not harass you by phone to hire and then we forget you when you are a client. We want to earn your trust and that you join us, but we will not bother to get it. Nor will we threaten you if you want to leave.

At Axartel we are convinced that to be successful, we must take care of our clients as the most valuable asset. Therefore, we want to make things easy for you, without complications, and from the beginning be honest and transparent. This is the way.

Tip: Did you know that any operator must process a cancelation request in 48 hours? Explicitly requests an 'express' cancelation.


In Axartel we do not depend on third parties to offer you our services. Our quality in the service is not limited by the decisions of others. We do not limit your speed either, what you download, or block content.

We have our own fiber optic and WiMAX network. Our fiber to your home (FTTH) guarantees the real symmetrical speed of your connection ... and our team of professionals, the set-up and maintenance.

Tip: Find out if the optical fiber reaches the interior of your home, otherwise it is not FTTH.