The best fibre and mobile offer

Until the end of the month! Get fibre optic 300Mb + mobile tariff with 20GB of data for only 29,90€/month (VAT included). Also, bring your mobile to Axartel by transferring your mobile number to Axartel and you won't have to pay the registration fee or have a 12-month permanence. 

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Enjoy the best price combining your mobile tariff with fiber optic internet for less than 30€/month. Until the end of the month


No registration or permanence

Bring your mobile by making a portability and you will not have to pay any registration fee or 12 months permanence.


Final price

At Axartel you will never have unexpected price increases on your bill. All our prices are definitive, forever.

Stop looking for anything else! At Axartel we have the best fiber and mobile* for less than 30€ per month. With this pack you will be able to enjoy the best quality in your home Internet and mobile services:

  • Fibre optic internet 300Mb.Enjoy the best quality and speed in your internet connection.

  • Mobile tariff with unlimited calls + 20GB of mobile data, as well as 100SMS free of charge.

In addition, if you bring your mobile to Axartel by number portability, you will not have to pay the registration and installation fee or a 12-month permanence commitment.

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*Information and conditions

Offer Fiber 300Mb + 20GB mobile tariff for €29.90/month (VAT included).

All our offers are subject to geographical availability of the service. You can check all the conditions in your shop or by calling 951 238 600.

Offer only available until the end of this month.

Information about registration, installation and 12 months permanence.

  • Fibra 300 Mb

    You can choose between not paying the installation charge (€60.50) or eliminating the 12-month commitment to the 300Mb or 600Mb fibre service. Below, we tell you the characteristics of each option:

    1. Registration and installation is free (the usual cost is €60.50), with a 12-month commitment.
    2. If, on the opposite, you want to eliminate the 12-month permanence, you will need to pay the registration and installation fee of 60.50€.

    Sign-up and installation will also be free when you combine the 300Mb or 600Mb fibre with TV, landline and/or mobile, subject to a 12-month permanence.

If you bring your mobile to Axartel by portability of the number in the mobile tariff, you will not have to pay a registration and installation fee or a 12-month commitment of permanence in the fibre optic.

  • Tarifa móvil ILIMITADA + 20GB
    • 3,000 free minutes per month in calls to national landlines/mobiles of any operator. Call establishment included.
    • Service for personal use only. The user may not use the AXARTEL MOBILE Service in any unlawful or abusive manner, including the use of the same for specific electrical, electronic and/or telecommunications systems or equipment, such as: baby monitors, walkie talkies, switchboard, etc. Nor may it be used for commercial purposes in shops or companies identified as Call Shops or Cybercafés. Likewise, by way of example and without limitation, unreasonable or irregular use is presumed when the Customer uses more than 3,000 minutes per month, calls to more than 150 different destinations or makes continuous calls lasting more than 60 minutes on average.
    • International calls: Prices for international destinations, Intelligent Network, Roaming and Special Tariffs can be consulted in the customer area (call establishment: 0.181 €/call).
    • Calls to short numbers and premium rate services (901, 902, 80X, 70X etc...) are not included in the tariff.
    • Exceeded 3000 minutes:
      • National calls: 0,084 €/min
        Call set-up fee: 0,00 €/call
    • Once the contracted GB/month has been exceeded, you will be able to continue browsing without interruption for an additional 500MB at 16Kbps courtesy of Axartel.
    • 100 free National SMS per month. After 100 SMS: 0,097 €/SMS
    • International SMS: 0,24 €/SMS